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Polymer Experiment

With this experiment kids will learn what a polymer is made of by using school glue, food color and slime activator solution. 

Lesson Plan: Learn what polymer is made of and make slime which is also a polymer form.


Materials needed:

  • Glue

  • Magical liquid slime activator solution

  • Food coloring

  • Bowl

  • Measuring cup and a spoon



  1. Add ½ cup glue and 6½ teaspoons of magical liquid to the bowl. Mix well with a spoon. 

  2. Add 1 drop of red or blue food colored. Mix well. 

  3. You will notice the mixture starts to bind together.

  4. When it starts coming away from the bowl and is not sticky to your fingers, you can use your hands and get it out of the bowl. Your slime is ready!


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