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Respiratory System

Elementary kids learning the basics of our respiratory system using a simple experiment showing how our lungs fill up air involving plastic bottle, balloons, straws etc. So much fun!

Finished model of the respiratory system!

Lesson plan:
In this activity, we will learn how our lungs pump air in and out of our bodies.

Materials needed:

  • Duct tape

  • 2 straws

  • 1L clear plastic bottle

  • Box cutter

  • 2  small red balloons

  • 1 big blue balloon

  • Scissor

  • Modeling dough


  1. Take two red balloons and two straws. Insert one straw in a red balloon and tape it tightly so there are no air leaks. Do the same with the other straw and the balloon.

  2. Take you clear plastic bottle and cut the base of the bottle with a box cutter. Now your bottle has an open bottom.

  3. Insert the two straw ends(not attached to the red balloon) from the bottom of the bottle opening. Pull the top end of the straws out from the top of the bottle opening leaving the red balloon ends at the center of the bottle.

  4. Take a small lump of clay to seal the straws to the top bottle opening. Make sure to seal them tightly so there are no air holes, and be sure that the straws are in the center.

  5. Take your big blue balloon and hold it bottom side up so that the opening is face down. Taking a scissor, cut off  the 1/4th of the closed end of the blue balloon. Tie the other end of the balloon with a twist knot. Wrap the open end of the blue balloon around the bottom of the bottle opening.

  6. Add one layer of duct tape where the blue balloon and bottle meet to help hold the balloon in place. 

  7. Hold the bottle vertically so the straws faces upwards. Pull the blue balloon knot gently at the bottom of the bottle. You will immediately notice that the suction created inside the bottle will help the red balloons/lungs to inflate.


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