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Nervous System

With this experiment, kids will learn about the structure  and parts of a neuron.

Lesson Plan: With this experiment, kids will learn about the structure of a neuron by constructing a model.

Materials needed:

  • 1 Construction Paper

  • 1 Green Skittle

  • 4 different colors of playdough 

  • 1 Black marker 


  1. Take the blue color playdough and roll it into a ball.

  2. Press down and flatten this ball into a disk.

  3. Put it on the longer side of the paper(horizontal format). This is the Cell body.

  4. Take the black colored playdough and make thin long noodles out of it. Break these noodles in 2 inch length pieces and put them around the cell body. These are the Dendrites.

  5. Take the red color playdough and make a thick noodle and paste on the cell body as shown in the picture. This is the Axon.

  6. Take the yellow color playdough and make thin noodles. Cut these into 1 inch size and paste around the axon as shown in the picture. These are the Axon Terminals.

  7. Finally, paste the skittle in the center of the cell body. This is the Nucleus.

  8. Label all parts of the neuron as shown. 

Finished model of a neuron


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